Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Howard Days Feature: The Cross Plains Public Library


Without question, the Cross Plains Public Library is the most important entity in the 37 year history of Howard Days. The vision that the Library has afforded REH fans from all over the world is immeasurable and because of it, Howard Days on April 28th & 29th will provide us with The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom!

In 1985, Howard fans Rusty Burke and Vern Clark made the journey to Cross Plains in search of a connection with the spirit of REH. Lady Luck smiled upon them when they met Billie Ruth Loving and Joan McCowan at the Library that day. With these two wonderful ladies' help, the seed was planted and bloomed into a world wide event focused on Cross Plains, Texas, where REH lived and wrote and enthralled the world with his words.

While both Ms. Loving and Ms. McCowan have left us, their legacy lives on today as the world-class Cross Plains Library. Since 1985 it has doubled in size, won numerous awards and become a mecca for Howard Fans all over the world.

The Cross Plains Public Library boasts a sizeable collection of original Robert E. Howard typescripts, several dozen issues of Weird Tales and REH pulp magazines and an impressive Howard section of books, magazines, fanzines and artwork. These are always on display for Howard Days and copies of the original typescripts are available for a modest fee.

In addition to all the REH permeating the air at the Library, this year will once again feature Hyborian Age role-playing gaming during Howard Days. Jeb Boyt will generously provide two sessions of the Sword & Sorcery 5E RPG for gamers who would like to sit in. Friday he's running a scenario from 12 to 4 and Saturday from 11 to 3. Stop in an roll up a character or to observe and say hello.

While you are in Cross Plains, please visit and enjoy all the Cross Plains Library has to offer Howard Fans. Be sure to register at the front desk (visitor numbers are important to them), make a donation to help them with continued upkeep - and maybe say "Thanks" for what they've done for Howard fans everywhere.

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