Sunday, October 20, 2019

Howard Days 2020 is June 12th and 13th

Howdy all!
The wheels have already been turning in getting Howard Days 2020 underway. Hope you can join us on Friday and Saturday, June 12th and 13th in Cross Plains, Texas at the Robert E. Howard Museum for The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom!

The theme of this year's event is "Celebrating REH in the Comics" and we're pulling out all the stops as we honor the 50th Anniversary of Marvel Comics Conan the Barbarian comic book. To further along our extravaganza, we have Roy Thomas as our Guest of Honor!

Yes, the man who started the Conan comic in 1970 will be at Howard Days! Roy has 50 years of stories about how he was the ground-breaker in getting the feisty Cimmerian into the comics and how he has continued to support our favorite barbarian.

And, that's not all. Since Marvel Comics re-acquired the Conan comic book rights earlier this year, they've been going great guns: not only are they currently producing three Conan titles, other Howard characters are making their way into comic book form. And we're going to have some of the Marvel creators in attendance at Howard Days 2020. You won't want to miss this one!

Details are still being hammered out, as you would expect, but we've got all kinds of surprises and special events that will happen in Cross Plains next June.

We'll get back to a more regular schedule of blogging now and keep you updated as the HD 2020 news comes down the pike. But it would probably be a good idea to think about coming down to Cross Plains next June and it's never too early to start planning for that.

All the basic Howard Days information & logistics is available here on this blog, so click some tabs if you have any questions. And make your plans to come join us in June!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

It's time for HOWARD DAYS!

Saddle up those broncs and put a shine on yer boots, it's time for Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains, Texas.

We hope to see a passle of y'uns there - and remember, almost evry activity is free! So come and mix with REH fans from all over the world in this 2.5 day extravaganza of Howard fun! All the info you need can be had by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page!

We'll do a report next week to let y'all know how much fun we had. Until then, keep the sun on your face and the wind at your back!
Hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Howard Days is Next Week!

We hope you will be able to join us next week at Howard Days in Cross Plains! June 7th and 8th are the "official" days but there is activity on Wednesday night and all day Thursday. As almost all of the events taking place are free of charge (tours, panels, just hanging out at the Pavilion, etc.) you will be most welcome if you decide to make a last-minute journey!

Please take a look at the schedule listed under the Events tab above and plan your time accordingly. It is all very informal so adjustments are very easy in this relaxed atmosphere. We gather to honor the Legacy of Robert E. Howard, the great American author and poet, with our gentle fellowship while enjoying the company of like-minded folks! It's all about Ol' Two-Gun!

This year we will honor Project Pride of Cross Plains, the very group who makes this all possible! Howard's creation of Sword & Sorcery fiction is also in the spotlight; our panels will reflect this and also the 90th birthday of Howard's great pugilist and raconteur, Steve Costigan!

Here is some extra information and added reminders for your HD enjoyment:

  • The Howard Museum will be open on Thursday June 6th from 2-4 pm. You may tour the house and grounds and (hopefully) spend some dough in the Gift Shop, but there will be no docents on duty to guide you through the house. But there will be folks around to help you in that regard.
  • Also on Thursday, help support the Cross Plains Senior Center by coming to their Fish Fry from 5 to 7 and then watch the Barbarian Festival parade down Main Street.
  • The Barbarian Festival happens on Saturday, June 8th at Treadway Park, just west of the Howard Museum.
  • Also new to Cross Plains is Woody's Car and Baseball Museum on Highway 36, "catty-corner" from the Howard Museum.
  • The Bus Tour which takes you around Cross Plains & the areas where Howard walked leaves at 9 am SHARP on Friday (only). 
  • The first Panel of the day honoring Project Pride will take place IN THE PAVILION at 11 am.
  • Then, please enjoy a Hot Dog Lunch in the Pavilion, along with Project Pride birthday cake!
  • Please remember that Cash (or Check) is King at Howard Days, as they cannot process credit or debit cards in the Gift Shop or at the Silent Auction.
  • Regarding the big cooler in the Pavilion: this is intended for water & soft drinks ONLY. If you bring any adult beverages we ask that you DO NOT keep them in the big cooler. Thanks.
And, knowing as how most people don't like to read lists that are too long, we'll close by saying Hope to see you at Howard Days 2019 for The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom!

Additional questions? Contact Bill Cavalier at

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Howard Days is Two Weeks Away!

We are approaching crunch time as we prepare for the 2019 version of Robert E. HOWARD DAYS in Cross Plains. Here is some information and reminders to help you maximize your enjoyment.

First, if you haven't decided attending Howard Days and would like to - COME ON DOWN! There is plenty of room in Texas and the big Pavilion and yard is available for your relaxation.

There are also still seats available at the Friday night Celebration Banquet. For only $15.00 per person you can enjoy a scrumptious chicken-fried steak dinner with all the trimmings, hobnob with fellow Howard fans and partake in the Silent Auction. 100% of the proceeds from the Auction go to Project Pride and the maintenance of the REH Museum. You may still reserve a seat at the Banquet via Paypal: or send a check to Project Pride, POB 534, Cross Plains, TX 76443, by June 1st.

Speaking of the Silent Auction, there is always room for more donations to support Project Pride and the Howard Museum. REH books, magazines & pulps, comics, fanzines, artwork, posters - anything directly Howard related is most appreciated (and tax deductible!) You can bring items to the Gift Shop on Friday during Howard Days, or there's still time to ship to the address above.

We are celebrating several anniversaries this year at Howard Days!
Project Pride 30 years (there will be cake at the Hot Dog Lunch!)
Cross Plains Public Library 40 years
Howard's creation of Sword & Sorcery Fiction 90 years
Howard's great boxer Steve Costigan is 90!
Doctor Howard's purchase of the House 100 years

There will be several tables set up in the yard in front of the Pavilion for anyone to use as an informal dealer's area. We ask that you: A. Only display items DIRECTLY related to Robert E. Howard (see list above - Howard's contemporaries stuff allowed, but no personal books, etc.). And B. If you use one of these tables, please make a nice donation to the House.
These tables are first come, first served, but sharing is allowed!

The Sword & Sorcery Poetry of REH panel listed in the original schedule has been replaced with Sailor Steve Costigan is 90 and Still Fighting! Join Chris Gruber, Mark Finn, Jeff Shanks and some French Guy at 11 am on Saturday.

More info and updates as we get 'em! Looking forward to seeing y'all at The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Four Weeks to Go!

With only four weeks until Howard Days, we're in the process of sharpening our Bowies and checking the ammo in our pistolas - which is our way of saying Texas-style: We're getting ready for The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom!

We've had some minor changes to our panel schedule and we've announced the panelists, so please check out those changes. There's always a surprise or three that pop up at Howard Days, so we hope you'll be there!

The Robert E. Howard Foundation Press has announced that the release of their newest book, Post Oaks and Sand Roughs and Other Autobiographical Writings, will make its debut at Howard Days. This long-awaited volume, which completes the REHF Press mission of putting all of Howard's writings in public view, contains the title novel and many other biographical pieces by REH. You may pre-order this book at, with shipping to begin after June 10 (unless you want to pick up your copy at Howard Days!)

Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page for additional information and updates, which will be coming with more regularity. The adrenaline is starting to flow as we ramp up for Howard Days!

Y'all come!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Howard Days Silent Auction

One of the most exciting events at Howard Days is the Silent Auction that takes place during the Celebration Banquet on Friday night.

Last year's auction featured nearly 200 items of interest to REH fans and this year it will be even better. Gaze upon the magnificent quilt made from Howard Days t-shirts by Nora Pointer. The bidding will be fast and furious on this one!

If you would like to donate REH books, comics, fanzines, magazines, paperbacks, art and/or like items that are Howard-specific, you will be helping out Project Pride and their maintenance of the Robert E. Howard Museum. 100% of the proceeds from the Silent Auction goes directly to the Howard House.

Help maintain Robert E. Howard's legacy in Cross Plains and all over the world by donating your Howard items to:

Project Pride
Howard Days Silent Auction
POB 534
Cross Plains, TX 76443

Or, if you are in attendance on June 7th, you may bring your donations to the Museum before 4 pm.
And be sure to bring plenty of cash or your checkbook, as neither the Auction or the Gift Shop cannot accept credit of debit cards.

Hope to see you in Cross Plains June 7th and 8th for The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom!

Monday, May 6, 2019

REH Foundation Awards

Voting for the 2018 Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards is now live and awaiting your vote! You may cast your vote until May 15, 2019 over at
Results for these awards will be announced on Friday, June 7th at Robert E. Howard Days.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Six Weeks Until Howard Days!

With only six weeks left until The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom, we hope you've made plans to come on down to Cross Plains June 7-8 and enjoy the fabulous fellowship involved with celebrating the Legacy of Robert E. Howard.

This year we've got a few anniversaries to recognize: 30 years of Project Pride (the fine folks who present and preserve the REH Museum), 90 years of both Howard creating the Sword & Sorcery genre of fiction (with publication of the Kull story "The Shadow Kingdom") and Ol' Two-Gun starting up the adventures of Sailor Steve Costigan (the toughest pugilist from here to Shanghai).

We're also celebrating a 100th anniversary: in 1919 Doctor Howard came to Cross Plains and bought the house where all of our activity takes place. It was in this house that Robert E. Howard created the fantastic stories and poems that are enjoyed the world over.

One of the many highlights of our weekend is the Silent Auction, presented during the Celebration Banquet on Friday night. Last year there were nearly 200 items up for bidding and the action was fast and furious! 100% of the money from this auction goes to Project Pride and helps with the preservation of the REH Museum.

So now we're asking for your help: that you go through your REH collection and donate whatever you can to the Silent Auction. We all have dupes and less desired REH items on our shelves or in our closets. What better way to honor his legacy and help out the folks who bring us Howard Days every year than to make a nice donation to the cause?

We know for a fact that there are already some collectible items on their way to Cross Plains, so we hope you'll add to them and get that good feeling of helping out a worthy cause.

You can send your items to:
Project Pride
Howard Days Silent Auction
POB 534
Cross Plains, TX 76443

Of course, monetary donations are always welcomed and can be sent via Paypal to

But the best donation of all is y'all coming to Howard Days on June 7-8 to enjoy the great Robert E. Howard fellowship. It's like a big family reunion with great conversation, great Texas food and an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere under the wonderful Texas sky. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Howard Days Registration Form

Project Pride of Cross Plains has been busy sending out the pre-registration forms for Howard Days. But as snail-mail can be a little dicey these days, here's the form you'll need to pre-register for the Friday night Celebration Banquet.

Please remember that you DO NOT need to pre-register to attend Howard Days! Project Pride sends these out to get a head count for the Banquet, as seating is limited to 150. Your $15.00 fee pays for your banquet meal plus helps out with the Friday Hot Dog lunch and pop and water in the big cooler at the Pavilion.
All of the House and Grounds Tours, the Bus Tour, the panels, readings and Pavilion activities plus the Saturday night Sunset BBQ are presented FREE of charge, although spending some of your dough in the Gift Shop or at the Silent Auction is very well received!

Scroll down here for the schedule and click the tabs at the top of the page for more complete info about Howard Days.

There are some suggestions for lodging on the form, but we all know in this day and age your favorite search engine is your friend at times like these.

Two months to go! Hope to see you in Cross Plains June 7th and 8th!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Finally - A New Header

Hope you like the new header - sorry for the lag time. Eventually Indy here will figure out how these computer things work!

However, we've already figured out the workings of Howard Days and hope that you can join us in Cross Plains on June 7th and 8th (like the header says!) for The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom!

The schedule in the previous post shows a lot of activity crammed into two days. Plus, there's always special extemporaneous happenings that pop up for you REH pleasures. A lot is going on and we hope you'll be there to enjoy it!

Y'all come!

Artwork copyright Justin Sweet.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Three Months to Howard Days!

And we're off and running, getting our Howard Days ducks in a row. We're planning another spectacular Robert E. Howard celebration this year and we certainly hope you can join us in Cross Plains, Texas on June 7th and 8th (or earlier if you like!)

Details of the schedule below are forthcoming in a day or two, but you can see we've got all our normal fun REH activities on tap for you to enjoy The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom!

Check the tabs at the top of this blog for more detailed information and how to go about getting the most out of your Howard Days trip!

2:00 – 4:00 pm: The Robert E. Howard House and Museum is open to the public. There are no docents on duty but the Gift Shop will be open and the grounds and Pavilion available to all.
5:00 – 7:00 pm: Fish Fry at the Cross Plains Senior Center.
6:00 pm: Barbarian Festival Parade down Main Street in Cross Plains.
Afterwards, Howard Fellowship at the Pavilion

8:30 am until gone: Coffee and donuts at the Pavilion, compliments of Project Pride
9 am – 4 pm: Robert E. Howard House Museum and Grounds open to the public. The adjacent Alla Ray Morris Pavilion will be open until late night.
9 am – 4 pm: REH Postal Cancellation Souvenir at Cross Plains Post Office. Friday Only.
9 am – 11 am: Bus Tour of Cross Plains & Surrounding Areas. Friday Only.
10 am to 4 pm: REH Foundation Press canopy and Dealers Area open on grounds east of Museum.
10 am – 5 pm: Cross Plains Public Library open. Original Robert E. Howard typescripts along with original Weird Tales magazines will be on display. The Conan Board Game and the Conan Role-playing Game will be presented.
11 am: PANEL: A History of Project Pride and the Robert E. Howard Museum.
                           NOTE: Presented at the House & Pavilion.
NOON: Hot Dog Lunch hosted by Project Pride at the Pavilion. Donations are welcome!
1:30 pm: PANEL: The Writers of REH
2:30 pm: PANEL: The Fourth Annual Glenn Lord Symposium.
Following this panel will be the presentations of the 2017 Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards.
5:30 – 6:30 pm: Silent Auction items available for viewing & bidding at Banquet site
6:30 pm: Robert E. Howard Celebration Banquet & Silent Auction at the Family Life Center of the Baptist Church on Main Street. Guest of Honor Speaker: David C. Smith
9:00 pm PANEL: Fists at the Ice House, Celebrating 90 Years of Sailor Steve Costigan.
                             NOTE: Presented on the actual Ice House grounds where Howard boxed!

Afterward there will be Howard Fellowship at the Pavilion.  All are welcome and adult beverages are allowed.

9 am – 4 pm: Robert E. Howard House Museum open to the public. The adjacent Alla Ray Morris Pavilion will be open until late night.
9 am – 4 pm: BARBARIAN FESTIVAL at Treadway Park, 3 blocks west of REH House
10 am – 3 pm: Cross Plains Public Library open. Original Robert E. Howard typescripts along with original Weird Tales magazines will be on display The Conan Board Game and the Conan Role-playing Game will be presented.
10 am to 4 pm: REH Foundation Press canopy and Dealers Area open on grounds east of Museum.
11 am PANEL: The Sword & Sorcery Poetry of Robert E. Howard
NOON: Lunch and/or Barbarian Festival activities at your leisure
1:30 pm PANEL: Kull, Conan Solomon Kane: The Original S&S Characters?
2:30 pm PANEL: What’s Up with REH?
4:30 pm: Tour of REH House Grounds
6 to 8 pm: Sunset BBQ at the Pavilion
At twilight/after BBQ: Multi-language reading of Howard’s poem “Cimmeria” + more REH poetry read aloud from the Museum porch.

Afterward there will be Howard Fellowship at the Pavilion.  All are welcome and adult beverages are allowed.

Special Announcements will be ongoing over both days,
There will be special guests and extemporaneous events: readings, book signings and surprises happening throughout Friday and Saturday