Friday, April 26, 2019

Six Weeks Until Howard Days!

With only six weeks left until The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom, we hope you've made plans to come on down to Cross Plains June 7-8 and enjoy the fabulous fellowship involved with celebrating the Legacy of Robert E. Howard.

This year we've got a few anniversaries to recognize: 30 years of Project Pride (the fine folks who present and preserve the REH Museum), 90 years of both Howard creating the Sword & Sorcery genre of fiction (with publication of the Kull story "The Shadow Kingdom") and Ol' Two-Gun starting up the adventures of Sailor Steve Costigan (the toughest pugilist from here to Shanghai).

We're also celebrating a 100th anniversary: in 1919 Doctor Howard came to Cross Plains and bought the house where all of our activity takes place. It was in this house that Robert E. Howard created the fantastic stories and poems that are enjoyed the world over.

One of the many highlights of our weekend is the Silent Auction, presented during the Celebration Banquet on Friday night. Last year there were nearly 200 items up for bidding and the action was fast and furious! 100% of the money from this auction goes to Project Pride and helps with the preservation of the REH Museum.

So now we're asking for your help: that you go through your REH collection and donate whatever you can to the Silent Auction. We all have dupes and less desired REH items on our shelves or in our closets. What better way to honor his legacy and help out the folks who bring us Howard Days every year than to make a nice donation to the cause?

We know for a fact that there are already some collectible items on their way to Cross Plains, so we hope you'll add to them and get that good feeling of helping out a worthy cause.

You can send your items to:
Project Pride
Howard Days Silent Auction
POB 534
Cross Plains, TX 76443

Of course, monetary donations are always welcomed and can be sent via Paypal to

But the best donation of all is y'all coming to Howard Days on June 7-8 to enjoy the great Robert E. Howard fellowship. It's like a big family reunion with great conversation, great Texas food and an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere under the wonderful Texas sky. Hope to see you there!

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