Sunday, January 29, 2023

Howard Days is 3 Months Away!


Judging by the chill in the air across most of America (and the Northern Hemisphere, for that matter!), it's time to be thinking about Howard Days in the warmer environs of Cross Plains, Texas.

Howard Days 2023 will happen on April 28 & 29, centered around the Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains. Sponsored by Project Pride and The REH Foundation and with support from the members of REHupa, the annual event to honor the life and legacy of Bob Howard is underway with planning and scheduling.

While the "generic" schedule usually remains the same year to year, we're always adding additional bits of fun activity and happenings for attendees to enjoy. All the tours (House, Bus, Walking and Grounds) are in place, as is the Friday Celebration Banquet and Silent Auction; we'll have a new Postal Cancellation Stamp souvenir (and new postcards!), the Cross Plains Library will have original Howard typescripts and Weird Tales magazines on display, the REH Foundation Press will be set up near the Pavilion,' Friday's Hot Dog Lunch and Saturday's Bar-B-Que will be feeding us well, there will be dealers in the yard, poetry readings and surprise happenings - and all the Howard Fellowship under the Pavilion will be just as satisfying as ever.

Please look to the EVENTS header on this page for this schedule. We will be updating it with detailed information about our panels and with other info as it becomes available.

Howard Days 2023 is themed to "100 Years of Weird Tales". We couldn't let this Century Anniversary go by without acknowledging its importance to Robert E. Howard and his writing. Our panels will be slanted to this theme, as well as a special REH Poetry in Weird Tales book. Announcements for these will be upcoming.

The Weird Tales theme gives us additional reason to welcome our Guest of Honor, John Betancourt. As a former Editor of a later incarnation of Weird Tales, author and publisher John Betancourt will be a great guest to make Howard Days even more special.

It's never too early to plan your trip to Howard Days. We have helpful information here that (hopefully) gives you what you need to have a great trip and a memorable Howard Days. 

Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for updates and info. Hope to see you in Texas!

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Happy Birthday Bob Howard!


January 22nd is the day we celebrate the birth of a true American Original, Robert E. Howard!

2023 finds us marking the 117th year, so let's all honor his being by reading some of his words and raising a toast to his shade. Bob Howard was an important figure in American literature and people all over the world continue to read his words and honor his Legacy.

Happy Birthday, Ol' Two-Gun!

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Thank You Project Pride!

The truth of the matter is, without Project Pride of Cross Plains, there would be no Howard Days.

We are here today to celebrate one of the best community organizations in the U.S., regardless of size. They not only recognized that Robert E. Howard was a writer of importance, but they have been able to accommodate the world which travels to their town because of Robert E. Howard!

So, if you can't make it to Howard Days April 28-29, you can help support Project Pride by becoming a member. No doubt Bob Howard would be amazed at all this fuss over him!

Rusty Burke has some good words:

Robert E. Howard fans, and any other interested folks: As the accompanying article from the Cross Plains (Texas) Review very kindly refers to me as one of Project Pride’s “best ambassadors,” I feel it is incumbent upon me to spread the word and encourage you to join this worthy organization.
It’s only $3 a year for individuals, $5 for families. A lifetime membership is $50.
Membership fees and contributions may be made to:
Project Pride, PO Box 534, Cross Plains, TX 76443
via PayPal to
You’ll be helping the group of dedicated volunteers who work to maintain the Robert E. Howard House Museum, who are on call to act as tour guides for visitors during the year, and who plan and organize the Howard Days activities and work hard for months in advance and then during the weekend so that we Howard fans can have a good time. (Yes, the REH Foundation does a good bit of the planning for panels and such, but Project Pride members do the planning for the banquet and all the decorating and setup, provide the free hot dogs on Friday and the barbecue on Saturday, serve as docents and in the gift shop at the House, provide the audio-visual equipment and setup for the panels, and otherwise keep it all running smoothly.) And Howard Days and the Museum are not all they do: they are active in helping to keep Cross Plains a clean and attractive community, and in many charitable activities through the year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Howard Days is 4 Months Away!

 With the cold and snowy weather embracing most of the U.S. right now, let's turn our thoughts to warmer times, even warmer friends and fine fellowship! There is no better way to do that than by coming to Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains, Texas!

In 2023, Howard Days happens on April 28th & 29th at the Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains, Texas! We will be celebrating 100 Years of Weird Tales! Howard fans know the importance of The Unique Magazine to Howard's career, so we will enjoy leaning more in celebration!

After enduring a second consecutive year of brain-searing heat in 2022, it was decided to try a cooler time to hold our event and late April was selected. We realize this may not accommodate everyone and we will see how things go for 2023 as to making future decisions.

In the meantime, we are preparing for our annual event with all the enthusiasm and fervor as in years past. All of the familiar events at Howard Days are in place: the REH Museum is open to all; tours of the museum, grounds and the city of Cross Plains and local environs are geared up; entertaining panels are being scheduled; we'll feed you with a Hot Dog Lunch, a Celebration Banquet and a Sunset Bar-B-Que, you can have your mail stamped with an exclusive to Howard Days souvenir postal cancellation; there's a Silent Auction filled with collectible and unique Howard items, ditto the Museum's Gift Shop; there's an open-air Pavilion in which to relax with a cool drink and Howard Fellowship (and a small Dealers Area); the Cross Plains Public Library will be showing not only their collection of original REH typescripts but also, in keeping with our theme, will display the many issues of original Weird Tales magazines they have on hand. There will be REH poetry readings (which include a multi-language reading of "Cimmeria" plus the selection of poems REH had printed in Weird Tales).

Also this year, we've got a couple of surprises in the works: a special panel and a special publication. We'll just tease you with those right now and get the details to you soon.

And, there will be the wide array of Howard scholars, enthusiasts and fans from all over the world, highlighted by our 2023 Guest of Honor, John Gregory Betancourt. As a former Editor of the 1987 revival of Weird Tales Magazine, John will be on hand to talk about his writing and publishing career and his involvement with the most important vehicle for the writings of Robert E. Howard.

So, come to Cross Plains and help celebrate Robert E. Howard and 100 Years of Weird Tales!

Friday, September 23, 2022

The 36 West Motel is No More

Word has come to us today that the 36 West Motel in Cross Plains is no more. The property was bought and the structure has been removed.

Since Howard Days began in 1986, the 36 West was "the" place to stay for Howard Days activities, as it was located next door to the Robert E. Howard house.

In truth, the 36 had seen its better days before the 1990's, but it was always a serviceable place to stay for fans who came to Howard Days. However, the last several years it had  become pretty run-down and fell out of favor with most Howard Days attendees. But there was still that convenience of being right  next door. Sigh.

No plans have been announced as to the future of the property. We certainly could hope for a nice new motel on the spot that would compliment Woody's Car Museum as well as the Howard Museum.

There will be 36 West stories to be told in the Pavilion at Howard Days 2023, coming April 28-29 at the Howard Museum in Cross Plains. Hope you can be there!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022



After considerable discussion, polling and debate, Project Pride of Cross Plains and The Robert E. Howard Foundation are pleased to announce the dates for Robert E. Howard Days 2023: April 28 & 29.

The main reason for the date change from June is due to the furnace-like temperatures that attendees have endured for the last two Howard Days. Moving the event to late April will provide everyone with a more inviting environment and make the outdoor activities more pleasant.

The theme of Howard Days 2023 will be "100 Years of Weird Tales" in celebration of the century birthday of The Unique Magazine. Not only was Weird Tales Bob Howard's first and foremost market, it provided us with a plethora of famous writers, like H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and many others. We will celebrate Howard's impact in the pages of WT, of course, along with Weird Tales' pioneering of several literary genres.

The Guest of Honor at Howard Days 2023 is To Be Announced. He or she will headline all the regular events that happen at Howard Days; plus there's always room for surprises and continued Howard Fellowship.

We hope you can make plans to join us! Check back here soon for all the updates. Y'all come!

Friday, June 3, 2022

Updates and Info for Howard Days Next Week!

 Crunch time is here! As we prepare for travels and anticipate the upcoming Howard Days Fellowship, we've still got more last minute info to share.

First off, we'll tease you with a couple of items to be found in the Silent Auction. Scott Rowell of Colorado had this nifty laser engraved plaque made, showing Old Two-Gun hoisting a brew in honor of all his fans coming to visit him. It will be up for grabs at the Silent Auction on Friday Night! Also on the docket is a nice little engraved glass piece (unframed - shown here with a frame) that was made from a pane of the window from Bob's room at the house! (Renovations a couple of years ago made the glass available.) Another one-of-a-kind item only found at the Silent Auction!

The Waitlist for the Banquet has gotten a bit longer, but Project Pride is doing everything they can to accommodate as many folks as possible. Don't forget that you may still attend the Silent Auction and hear Guest of Honor Fred Malmberg's speech, so we hope you come and hang out.

The Robert E. Howard Foundation Press will be under their large canopy in the yard at the Howard Museum Friday and Saturday. In addition to a good quantity of the original 300 run of their Howard books, they will have two new offerings on hand, in limited quantity: The Collected Letters of REH Vol.2 and Steve Harrison's Casebook. These are the reprint editions that are offered when the original edition sells out, and now you can get your copy and save on shipping before they become available on Amazon June 14th. Plus, you get a prize with every purchase.

The Cross Plains Review newspaper offices will be open for visiting on Friday from 12 to 4. Come and see how newspapering was once done, view all the old-time equipment and stand where Bob Howard once had a brief job!

Don't forget that the Howard Days 2022 souvenir postal cancellation is only available on Friday at the C>P. Post Office (and they are closed for lunch between 11:30 and 12:30). 

The 30+ Minutes with HP Lovecraft pod cast recently interviewed Bill Cavalier about Howard Days. You can hear it all at

In addition to hosting The Whole Wide World movie at Treadway Park on Friday night, Cross Plains has put together a Spring Bash festival at Treadway Park on Saturday. There will be a classic car show, vendors and food booths for all to enjoy (especially the non-Howard fans...)

It looks like the weatherman is not going to cooperate much this next week. Temperatures in Cross Plains will be near or over the 100 degree mark, so be sure to use your sun screen and stay well hydrated! Some of us aren't used to such hot temperatures, so let's be careful out there!

While you're in town, be sure to support the Cross Plains Library and Senior Center with you donations, enjoy some frosty treats at DQ, great donuts at the Donut Hut, good food at Jean's Feed Barn, Mexico City Cafe, Bubba's BBQ and the Backwoods Grill, to name a few. Patsy's Flowers is also open with Cross Plains gifts & t-shirts, as is Salamander's. And Higgenbothams General Store has just about everything and it's like stepping back into the 1950's when you go there. (We like to buy a new pocket knife every year.)

And new this year, The Bunkhouse has opened up next to Mexico City with 3 bedrooms in a shared space. Call 817-913-3531 for info.

We'll be waiting for you when you come to Howard Days 2022. It will be another spectacular event as we honor and American (and Texan!) original, Robert E. Howard. Come join us!