Monday, March 28, 2016

Registration Form Clarification!

We would like to clarify one item on the Howard Days Pre-Registration form (shown below this post.)

Project Pride wants everyone to know the $15.00/person pre-registration fee is ONLY for a dinner at the Friday night Banquet. The entire weekend of Howard Days activities: House tour, Bus Tour, postal cancellation souvenir, all panels (including the screening of The Whole Wide World), the Swap Meet and Pavilion Fellowship - are FREE to everyone.

While the $15.00 fee helps defray the cost of donuts, drinks and Friday lunch, these are also (basically) free. Donations are most welcomed, of course, so when you grab a pop or a water out of the big cooler or you chow down on that great hot dog lunch, remember to throw a couple of pazoors into the Donation Jar!

Also, please note that the Saturday BBQ at the Museum is compliments of Janet Swanson. Another fantastic no cost activity for your weekend's enjoyment!

So, registration for attendance is not required for Howard Days, but it's a nice way of letting Project Pride know who's coming! And we hope it's YOU, because this is The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom! And it's FREE!

Friday, March 25, 2016

The "Official" Howard Days Registration Forms

No sooner did we mention that Project Pride was sending out the pre-reg forms than they show up in our local mailbox!

If you're not already on the Project Pride mailing list you may reproduce the forms here when sending in your pre-registration money (or use the PayPal account) and you will be automatically included on the list.

Remember to register as early as you can, because seating at the Banquet is limited to 120 and the Banquet *always* sells out!

CLARIFICATION EDIT: THE $15.00 PRE-REG FEE IS ONLY FOR THE FRIDAY NIGHT BANQUET. ALL of the weekend's activities are FREE to everyone and the registration fee helps cover the costs of the donuts, drinks and lunch. The BBQ is compliments of Janet Swanson, so there is no fee involved there either.

Of course your donations are always welcomed to help defray all costs!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Howard Days Registration

The snow is gone, the smell of Spring (and hot dogs) is in the air, so that can only mean one thing: t's time to pre-register for Howard Days!

Project Pride of Cross Plains is in the process of sending out the information/registration forms for the 2016 event, so for those of you on their mailing list, be looking for them coming soon to a mailbox near you.

But if you are not on the mailing list, never fear! Registration for Howard Days on June 10-11th is only $15.00 per person. When you register, you are guaranteed a seat at the Friday Celebration Banquet but you also qualify for three additional meals: breakfast donuts and an incredibly tasty hot dog lunch (I can smell those dogs cooking now) on Friday and a real Texas chuck wagon BBQ on Saturday.

It's the deal of the weekend! But remember: you don't need to pre-register to attend Howard Days! Most of the activities for the weekend are free: House & Bus Tour, panels, Swap Meet plus all the fine Howard Fellowship. Project Pride likes to pre-register folks for the Banquet as seating is limited to 125.

So, if you Just Can't Wait, you may send your registration fee to:
Project Pride
2016 Howard Days Registration
POB 534
Cross Plains, TX 76443
Or use your Pay Pal to

We're looking forward to seeing you at Howard Days this year, so register early and often. Well, you know what I mean...