Monday, March 28, 2016

Registration Form Clarification!

We would like to clarify one item on the Howard Days Pre-Registration form (shown below this post.)

Project Pride wants everyone to know the $15.00/person pre-registration fee is ONLY for a dinner at the Friday night Banquet. The entire weekend of Howard Days activities: House tour, Bus Tour, postal cancellation souvenir, all panels (including the screening of The Whole Wide World), the Swap Meet and Pavilion Fellowship - are FREE to everyone.

While the $15.00 fee helps defray the cost of donuts, drinks and Friday lunch, these are also (basically) free. Donations are most welcomed, of course, so when you grab a pop or a water out of the big cooler or you chow down on that great hot dog lunch, remember to throw a couple of pazoors into the Donation Jar!

Also, please note that the Saturday BBQ at the Museum is compliments of Janet Swanson. Another fantastic no cost activity for your weekend's enjoyment!

So, registration for attendance is not required for Howard Days, but it's a nice way of letting Project Pride know who's coming! And we hope it's YOU, because this is The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom! And it's FREE!

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