Tuesday, June 11, 2024

June 11th, 1936

As we recover from our trip to an incredibly good Howard Days (and will be filing a report post haste), we are reminded of today's infamous date in Howard History.

Bob Howard died on June 11th, 1936, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Accounts of this tragedy can be found elsewhere.

Here, we have just finished a fine few days of celebrating his life at his restored home in Cross Plains, Texas. Howard Days 2024 was a smash hit with all who attended! The nearly 300 people who attended this year talked about his life and works in panels, while eating hot dogs or chicken fried steak or brisket, sitting under the Pavilion, reading his poetry aloud right outside the room where he wrote it (on his newly acquired original writing table) or while hoisting a drink to his shade under the crescent moon that rose each evening.

Ol' Two-Gun was looking upon us, I'm sure - maybe even wondering what the fuss was all about. He must have cracked a grin when he heard why so many folks made a concerted effort to be at his home, honoring his legacy.

Like we do at any family reunion, we have stories of our departed relatives. We can be grateful that Robert E. Howard left all of us with so many stories.

Thanks, Bob.

Saturday, June 1, 2024

See You at Howard Days!

Robert E. Howard Days at the REH Museum in Cross Plains, Texas, will kick off for a brief time on this coming Thursday, June 6th, when Bob Howard's Writing Table will be introduced to the world, back home where it belongs! Then on Friday and Saturday, June 7th & 8th, The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom will be presented for all to enjoy!

Your intrepid reporter will be away from this website for the next 10 days, as the vacation trek to Texas lies ahead. But all the info you need about Howard Days is here and Cross Plains is all ready for Howard Fans from all over the world!

We will be posting updates and photos over on the Howard Days Facebook page, so look there for up to the minute info. We'll post as much as we can during Howard Days, but what a busy time that is!

We hope to see y'all there! And if the mood strikes, drop everything and Come to Texas! We'll be looking for you!