Monday, May 29, 2017

The Top Ten Reasons to Come to Howard Days

With only ten days left until the start of Howard Days, here are the TOP TEN REASONS why you should show up in Cross Plains!

10. To honor and support the legacy of an American original, Robert E. Howard.

9. In Cross Plains, Texas, no one is a stranger.

8. You will meet folks from - literally - all over the world who share a common interest: the life and works of Robert E. Howard!

7. Where else can you actually read Howard's poetry right from the front porch of the house where it was created?

6. The Postal Cancellation souvenir is exclusive to Howard Days.

5. The Gift Shop, Swap Meet, Silent Auction and REH Foundation tent have Howard items that you can get no where else!

4. The House tours, the Bus Tour and tours of local restaurants (and the Barbarian Festival!) will keep both your brain and your stomach well fed! (The House tours and the Bus Tour are FREE, but the restaurants will need some of your dough.)

3. The Friday Hot Dog Lunch, the Banquet and the Saturday night BBQ offer up some fine Texas vittles!

2. You can meet interesting people and exchange thoughts and ideas at the myriad of interesting Howard-themed panel presentations.

1. Howard Days in Cross Plains is like a big family reunion - only with people you really want to see!

We hope to see you at Robert E. Howard Days this year - it truly is the Best Two Days in Howard Fandom! Y'all come!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Howard Days Reminders

With Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains less than three weeks away now, we'd like to share some reminders for all attendees making the trek to West Texas.

Some folks like to show up early, so let it be known that Thursday is the new Friday, just as Wednesday is the new Thursday. Really, it's not as confusing as it sounds.

  • The Alla Ray Morris Pavilion adjacent to the Howard Museum will be "open" to everyone starting on Wednesday afternoon. It's a good place to meet up with friends and just hang out while waiting for the festivities to begin. You will no doubt see folks from Project Pride getting everything ready, so if you'd like to volunteer a little time to help them any way you can, they would certainly thank you kindly.
  • On Thursday late afternoon in Cross Plains you can show your support for the Barbarian Festival by attending the Fish Fry at the Senior Center right downtown and then watch the four-hour parade to celebrate the Festival on Saturday at Treadway Park. Only kidding about that four hour thing.
  • The Howard House and Museum will be open on Thursday afternoon from 2 to 4. You will be able to tour the house and get in early to the Gift Shop, but there will be no docents available to give you a tour.
  • Speaking of the Gift Shop, please note that they do not take credit or debit cards, so it's cash or check only. Same is true at the Silent Auction held at the Banquet on Friday night. There are several ATMs located around town for your convenience.
  • And speaking of the Celebration Banquet, there are still seats available but they are going fast. For $15.00 (per person) you get to sit down to a delicious Texas style dinner with 124 of your new and old friends, have access to the Silent Auction and hear 2017 Guest of Honor Paul Herman. This is the ONLY FEE for the entire weekend, as all other activities are free! You can still mail your reservation to Project Pride, POB 534, Cross Plains, TX 76443 or Paypal your dough to
  • And speaking of the Silent Auction, we are still looking for donations of Howard items to fill the tables. 100% of the money from the Silent Auction goes to the maintenance and upkeep of the Robert E. Howard Museum, so please help them out! You can send your tax deductible donations to the above address or bring them to the House on Friday before 4 pm. Thanks!
  • Don't forget the special Postal Cancellation stamp souvenir (shown above) is only available at the Cross Plains Post Office on Friday.
  • ALL PANELS this year will be held at the First United Methodist Church on the north side of town. We're looking forward to this new venue with more room and better acoustics and presentation facilities. Please plan your attendance time accordingly, as it may take you a whole extra minute to travel to this site.
  • The Robert E. Howard Foundation will have a tent set up in the back yard of the House where you may purchase all the REH titles available from the REH Foundation Press.
  • And finally, Cross Plains is wet again and we're not talking about the recent storms. You may now purchase beer and wine within Cross Plains city limits, for consumption on private property, eliminating the trip to Brownwood to the drive-thru liquor store (unless you really want to!) As always, please practice discretion. Thanks.
Ok, stay tuned to this page for additional updates or stuff we've forgotten to tell you. There's always plenty of room at Howard Days for you, so even if it's a last minute decision, y'all come!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cross Plains No Longer Dry!

Perhaps an explanation is in order; while Cross Plains indeed has a perpetually dry atmosphere and climate and the dangers of brush fires are always present, Cross Plains is no longer dry in the alcohol sense.

May 2017 finds us now able to purchase beer and wine within the city's limits, after a referendum to allow alcohol sales in Callahan County was ratified.

So, for those of us Howard Days attendees who needed to head to Brown County for libations, celebrating Howard Days at the Pavilion is now easier on our gas tanks!

As always, drink responsibly and don't get caught on Texas roads with open containers, because the Rangers don't like that - AT ALL!

We're looking forward to seeing old and new friends at Howard Days, regardless of what your beverage preference is. Only a month to go! Now it's REALLY time to get organized!