Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cross Plains No Longer Dry!

Perhaps an explanation is in order; while Cross Plains indeed has a perpetually dry atmosphere and climate and the dangers of brush fires are always present, Cross Plains is no longer dry in the alcohol sense.

May 2017 finds us now able to purchase beer and wine within the city's limits, after a referendum to allow alcohol sales in Callahan County was ratified.

So, for those of us Howard Days attendees who needed to head to Brown County for libations, celebrating Howard Days at the Pavilion is now easier on our gas tanks!

As always, drink responsibly and don't get caught on Texas roads with open containers, because the Rangers don't like that - AT ALL!

We're looking forward to seeing old and new friends at Howard Days, regardless of what your beverage preference is. Only a month to go! Now it's REALLY time to get organized!

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