Saturday, April 22, 2023

HOWARD DAYS - The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom!

HOWARD DAYS starts next week! We are good to go; the town of Cross Plains is waiting for fans from all over the world to gather, Project Pride has planned for another amazing weekend and the Howard Fellowship will flow like the big family reunion that Howard Days has become.

We've written about a lot of the features, activities and happenings that occur at Howard Days and now it is time for the experience to begin. There are a number of "first-timers" coming to HD this year; rest assured you will be welcomed into the family with open arms!

The schedule is set (look under the EVENTS tab) and all the information you need is found here. For all the "newbies", when you make it the Museum you will find everyone is amazingly helpful with guiding you through your first Howard Days experience. We are all family, gathered to celebrate the life of our distant cousin or favorite uncle, Bob Howard!

Howard Days is all about supporting the life and legacy of the incomparable Robert E. Howard. We gather in his name, discuss his life and works, marvel at the world-wide interest shown to his little town, appreciate the originality of his creating two genres of literature (sword & sorcery and the weird western) and writing in a good number of other areas - including nearly 800 poems; we speculate on what could have been had he not passed so young and generally we are amazed at what he created from dry Texas dust while pounding on a finger-numbing Underwood No. 5 typewriter!

More importantly, remember that Robert E. Howard has, through his amazing talent, brought so many diverse people from all corners of the world together in fellowship. We understand what he did, we appreciate that he left us so many words and we enjoy the friendships made by reading his work.

The speculators among us imagine a world where Howard didn't leave us so soon. How nice it would have been if Ol' Two-Gun was around long enough to know and realize the impact he had on many lives. He deserves every accolade we can muster. We certainly hope that his shade is there next week, wandering the grounds and knowing the warmth of fellowship in his name.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Cross Plains to enjoy Robert E. Howard Days. And if you decide on a last minute trip, y'all come! Texas is a really big state, there's always room at Howard Days!

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