Friday, April 14, 2023


It won't be long now! All the waitin' and anticipatin' becomes an event in two weeks on April 28th & 29th at HOWARD DAYS at the Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains Texas!

Here are some more features to tell you about to make your visit even more enjoyable:

  • If you've never been to Howard Days and are wondering what it's all about, check out all the You Tube videos for Robert E. Howard Days. Professional cinematographer Ben Friberg (now working out of The Texas Center) has been filming Howard Days (panels, tours, speeches etc.) for over 10 years now and he graciously posts them on You Tube. Watching these will give you a very good idea of what Howard Days is like.
  • This year finds us Celebrating 100 Years of Weird Tales magazine. WT was Howard's first and most steadfast of the various pulps that he wrote for, so help us celebrate their Centenary at Howard Days. The panels this year are slanted towards "The Unique Magazine" and our Guest of Honor, John Betancourt was Publisher and Editor of a later incarnation of Weird Tales. John will deliver his keynote speech at the Friday night Celebration Banquet and join in panel discussions.
  • Added to our list of Books Debuting at Howard Days are two tomes from the REH Foundation Press: The Collected Letters of REH volumes 2 and 3! Along with Vol. 1, they will be available under the REH Foundation canopy in the yard at Howard Days, along with a number of other REH Press publications, which includes the debuting REH Photo Album.
  • One of the books being released at HD is FORBIDDEN MAGIC & Other Poems & Miscellanea in Weird Tales, where Dennis McHaney has collected all 38 poems that Howard had printed in Weird Tales, along with Chapter Heading poems and REH letters to the Eyrie.
  • We mention this because Aurelia Wilder will host special readings exclusively from this book on Friday evening at the Pavilion.
  • Ms. Wilder will also host Porchlight Poetry on Saturday after the Bar-be-que. This year, because of our Weird Tales themes, we will read REH poetry and supplement our presentations with poetry from other Weird Tales poets, most notably H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith.
So, with Howard Days just on the horizon, we're looking forward to seeing everyone come and help celebrate the Life and Legacy of the incomparable Robert E. Howard!

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