Sunday, April 9, 2023

Howard Days Feature: Well, Lots of Features, Actually!

As we round the bend headed for Howard Days on April 28th & 29th, we'd like to remind you of a number of happenings at The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom. The event will be here in a little over two weeks now and we want you to maximize your enjoyment factor as you help us celebrate the Life & Legacy of Robert E. Howard!

  • To start, you don't have to register with money to enjoy Howard Days. All the events, panels, tours and admissions to the Museum are FREE. We ask for a $25 fee if you would like a seat at the Friday Banquet and to help pay for the Hot Dog Lunch plus snacks and drinks. And even if you don't come to the Banquet, your $25 helps out Project Pride, the fine folks who welcome us to Howard Days every year. You can PayPal your dough to
  • There are still seats available at the Banquet but not for much longer. Don't delay in making your reservation as on-site availability can be tricky!
  • The Dealer's Area (tables in the yard around the Pavilion) are nearly all taken, so if you'd like a table to display your REH and related items, send $25 to There may be on-site availability but why risk it?
  • Bobby Derie will be in the Dealer's Area with his latest book: The Robert E. Howard Trivia Book. This is a fun and challenging little tome to test your knowledge about All Things Howard! And perhaps coolest of all: it's FREE!
  • Rogue Blades Entertainment will also present HITHER CAME CONAN, their latest tome of essays from the Black Gate website, all about the 21 Conan stories penned by REH. A number of the authors will be present at HD, so get your copy autographed!
  • The Friday panel (4-5 pm) at the Cottonwood Coffee Shop on Main Street is something we're trying out this year. It's an informal round-table discussion + Q&A of "Howard's Women". Janice Schange will host some prominent women in Howard Fandom: Aurelia Wilder, Libby Sharpe and Stephanie Childress + others. Views of REH examined by women should prove to be most interesting.
  • The Cross Plains Review will be open to the public on Friday from 9-12. Come look at the way newspapering used to be done in the days of REH!
Well, this should hold you for now! We'll be back later in the week with more features for Howard Days. We've got a diverse and interesting schedule of events for everyone to partake in, all under the umbrella of Howard Fellowship!

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