Friday, June 3, 2022

Updates and Info for Howard Days Next Week!

 Crunch time is here! As we prepare for travels and anticipate the upcoming Howard Days Fellowship, we've still got more last minute info to share.

First off, we'll tease you with a couple of items to be found in the Silent Auction. Scott Rowell of Colorado had this nifty laser engraved plaque made, showing Old Two-Gun hoisting a brew in honor of all his fans coming to visit him. It will be up for grabs at the Silent Auction on Friday Night! Also on the docket is a nice little engraved glass piece (unframed - shown here with a frame) that was made from a pane of the window from Bob's room at the house! (Renovations a couple of years ago made the glass available.) Another one-of-a-kind item only found at the Silent Auction!

The Waitlist for the Banquet has gotten a bit longer, but Project Pride is doing everything they can to accommodate as many folks as possible. Don't forget that you may still attend the Silent Auction and hear Guest of Honor Fred Malmberg's speech, so we hope you come and hang out.

The Robert E. Howard Foundation Press will be under their large canopy in the yard at the Howard Museum Friday and Saturday. In addition to a good quantity of the original 300 run of their Howard books, they will have two new offerings on hand, in limited quantity: The Collected Letters of REH Vol.2 and Steve Harrison's Casebook. These are the reprint editions that are offered when the original edition sells out, and now you can get your copy and save on shipping before they become available on Amazon June 14th. Plus, you get a prize with every purchase.

The Cross Plains Review newspaper offices will be open for visiting on Friday from 12 to 4. Come and see how newspapering was once done, view all the old-time equipment and stand where Bob Howard once had a brief job!

Don't forget that the Howard Days 2022 souvenir postal cancellation is only available on Friday at the C>P. Post Office (and they are closed for lunch between 11:30 and 12:30). 

The 30+ Minutes with HP Lovecraft pod cast recently interviewed Bill Cavalier about Howard Days. You can hear it all at

In addition to hosting The Whole Wide World movie at Treadway Park on Friday night, Cross Plains has put together a Spring Bash festival at Treadway Park on Saturday. There will be a classic car show, vendors and food booths for all to enjoy (especially the non-Howard fans...)

It looks like the weatherman is not going to cooperate much this next week. Temperatures in Cross Plains will be near or over the 100 degree mark, so be sure to use your sun screen and stay well hydrated! Some of us aren't used to such hot temperatures, so let's be careful out there!

While you're in town, be sure to support the Cross Plains Library and Senior Center with you donations, enjoy some frosty treats at DQ, great donuts at the Donut Hut, good food at Jean's Feed Barn, Mexico City Cafe, Bubba's BBQ and the Backwoods Grill, to name a few. Patsy's Flowers is also open with Cross Plains gifts & t-shirts, as is Salamander's. And Higgenbothams General Store has just about everything and it's like stepping back into the 1950's when you go there. (We like to buy a new pocket knife every year.)

And new this year, The Bunkhouse has opened up next to Mexico City with 3 bedrooms in a shared space. Call 817-913-3531 for info.

We'll be waiting for you when you come to Howard Days 2022. It will be another spectacular event as we honor and American (and Texan!) original, Robert E. Howard. Come join us!

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