Friday, May 27, 2022


That's right! Only two weeks until The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom! Hope you've made plans to be there June 10th & 11th at the Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains, Texas!

We're finalizing the crossing of the "t's" and dotting of the "i's" to make sure that Howard Days 2022 will be the best ever! Project Pride works tirelessly year round towards the preservation of the REH Museum and Robert E. Howard's Legacy. They've got everything ready to go and are anticipating with much pleasure the arrival of Howard fans from all over the world to Howard's town of Cross Plains, Texas.

Here are some bits of information for you to consider as the event gets closer and you get on the road to share in the fine REH Fellowship to be found at Howard Days.

As our theme this year is The REH Influence on Gaming, we hope to be able to accommodate Conan (et al) tabletop gamers as best we can in a limited environment. See the Tentative Schedule under the EVENTS header for a detailed update, but here's the skinny:
  • There will be tabletop gaming at tables in the Museum yard all day both days. 
  • Gaming will be allowed IN the Pavilion after 4 pm on Friday and after 6 pm on Saturday.
  • We will have open and scheduled gaming at the CP Library on both days.
While the Friday night Celebration Banquet is sold out, you can waitlist your name at *Hopefully* there will be some cancellations or no-shows.
But remember that even if you don't have a dinner reservation, you can still show up at the Baptist Church Life Center and hang out, bid on the Silent Auction items and listen to Fred Malmberg's Guest of Honor speech. Howard Fellowship will fill the room!

And speaking of the Silent Auction, it's not too late to send those REH items as donations to Project Pride for a fun night of exciting bidding. 100% of the proceeds goes to Project Pride's maintenance of the REH Museum. Silent Auction, Project Pride, POB 534, Cross Plains, TX 76443. Or you may drop off auction items at the Museum on Thursday or Friday.

And speaking of Thursday, don't forget that the REH Museum (and Gift Shop!) is open from 2 to 4 pm, and the Pavilion is open all day until late night! Gaming on Thursday will be allowed in the Pavilion.
The Cross Plains Senior Center also has a Fish Fry fund raiser from 5 to 7. Don't care for fish? They have chicken, too!

Don't forget that Cash is King at Howard Days. Checkbooks work very well also, as those are the only forms of payment allowed at the Museum Gift Shop (and Auction), There are several ATM's located around Cross Plains for your convenience, so not to worry.

There are still Dealers Tables available for set-up in the yard around the Pavilion. Cost is $25.00 for both days, payable in the Gift Shop (or in advance at Pay Pal: We'd prefer that the bulk of your items offered are either REH or directly related. This IS HOWARD Days!

The Schedule pretty much says it all, but please know that changes may happen, including add-ons, surprises, extemporaneous fun and spontaneous events may pop up. Howard Days is not unlike a Family Reunion, and fellowship and good will are a big part of what is happening, all under the umbrella of honoring Good Ol' Uncle Two-Gun Bob.

Hope to see you in two weeks. Safe travels, y'all.

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