Sunday, June 7, 2020

Howard Days Help!

Well, this should have been the week we were all gathering in Cross Plains, Texas, to celebrate the Life and Work of Robert E. Howard. But 2020 is certainly not your typical year.

While the Robert E. Howard fan community is pretty bummed that Howard Days 2020 has been cancelled, let's not forget that Project Pride of Cross Plains still needs our help.

Howard Days is not only The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom, but is also the big yearly fund-raiser for Project Pride to maintain the house and grounds of the Robert E. Howard Museum.
No HD this year means zero donations for upkeep on the Museum, which is a year-long endeavor.

So, we're hoping you can find a few pazoors in your purse to send along to the fine folks at Project Pride to make up for not having our "Howard Family Reunion" this year. Please donate what you can to their Pay Pal account at or send a check to Project Pride, POB 534, Cross Plains, TX 76443.

Anything you can give will be sincerely appreciated and you will know that you are involved with continuing the Legacy of Robert E. Howard.

We hope to see y'all in 2021 on June 11 and 12. Roy Thomas has agreed to come back as GOH and we'll have our full slate of REH activities for all to enjoy.

And thanks goes to Dennis McHaney for putting this bee in our bonnet!

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