Saturday, February 4, 2017

Howard Days 2017 Guest of Honor is Paul Herman

The unofficial "theme" for Howard Days 2017 is The Howard Detectives, so we are happy to announce that Paul Herman is this year's Guest of Honor.

There is little doubt that Paul is the King of the Howard Detectives today. His exhaustive and dedicated work with the Glenn Lord papers (Glenn, of course, was the Original Howard Detective) has brought Paul to the forefront of hard core Howard Fandom. Paul's bio below explains quite a lot as to why he's the 2017 Guest of Honor.

Y'all come and meet our most erudite of Guests June 9th and 10th at the Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains, Texas.

Paul Herman was handed a copy of a Lancer Conan when a teenager in the mid-70s, and the epiphany truly changed his life. Paul’s fandom went from Conan to REH’s other works when he met Glenn Lord in the early-80s. 40 years of fandom later, he has delved into a multitude of aspects of fandom and beyond. He published his first REH collection, The Complete Yellow Jacket, in 1999. Since then he had edited more than 30 volumes of REH material for publication, done original research tracking down rare or lost items, been a speaker at numerous events, and compiled and published the current REH bibliography, The Neverending Hunt, as well as starting its online brethren, Howardworks. Paul has more lists, spreadsheets and scans than any person really needs. Paul is a founding member of the Board of the Robert E. Howard Foundation, has won numerous awards, occasionally experts on copyright matters, and handled more than $24M in REH typescripts. Currently projects include the continued sorting of the Glenn Lord Collection, finalizing the REH Typescript Index, preparation of two more REHFP volumes for publication, and titles projects for both the prose and poetry.

In his spare time, Paul is an Intellectual Property attorney of 25 years, that following almost a decade of traveling the world as an oilfield chemist. His experience includes three kidnapping attempts, two explosions, and having a rattlesnake thrown at him, which isn’t nearly as funny as it sounds. Paul has also driven fast cars on numerous tracks on three continents, and perhaps went off more tracks than he has managed to stay on. His 700hp faithful steed is never far from hand. And the important part of his life, Paul’s wife of more than 30 years (and faithful research assistant), Denna, continues to tolerate his little hobby. The two grown boys just shrug. Who knew the wheezy little poor kid from the inner city could change so much? Bob knew.

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