Monday, June 6, 2016

Howard Days is This Friday!

All right! The event we've been waiting for is almost here! While Friday the 10th marks the first "official" day of the Howard Days extravaganza, folks are already gathering in Cross Plains in anticipation of the festivities. The House will be open on Thursday from 2 to 4, the Cross Plains Review will be open the same time and Project Pride is looking forward to seeing old friends and making many new ones!

Don't forget to hit the little tabs at the top of this page for all the info you'll need about Howard Days.

However, even if you've procrastinated until now, you can still come to Howard Days on a whim - no fee is charged for touring the House or enjoying the panels and movies and auctions and readings and cook-outs and other activities planned. The *possibility* of squeezing into a seat at the Banquet Friday is always there (we like to accommodate everyone) but you won't be able to if you're not there!

But the real reason to show up at Howard Days is to honor the Legacy of Robert E. Howard, an American and Texas Original. Fans and scholars and experts and admirers of REH show up in full force to keep alive the magnificent words that flowed from Howard's Underwood No. 5.

We hope to see you there - it's a time you won't forget or regret! Y'all come!

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