Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, Two-Gun Bob Howard!

January 22nd marks the 110th birthday of The One and Only Robert E. Howard! Everybody blaze your pistolas and brandish your Bowies in his honor! And a little nip of your favorite beverage certainly is in order, too.

For some time, there was a discrepancy in Howard's birthdate. While Howard himself always celebrated it on the 22nd, on the birth registrar for Palo Pinto County where he was born, the date is listed as January 24th. We mostly figured that there was a two day delay in filing the paperwork (hey, it was 1906!) and the hard core Howard Heads have always used January 22nd.

Last year at Howard Days, REH's distant Howard cousins brought in (among other things like a tattered copy of a Jenkins' Gent from Bear Creek) the Howard Family Bible. Sure enough, Bob's birthday is listed as January 22, 1906. Score for the hard core!

Neat little surprises like this are always showing up at Howard Days. Along with all the great activities already planned, we're hoping something like this might intice you to come to Texas this June and join the fellowship for Ol' Two-Gun. We'll be looking for you!

Happy Birthday, Bob Howard!

Thanks for the photo go out to Todd Vick and his blog, On an Underwood No. 5.


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