Thursday, February 19, 2015

REH Days 2015 Panel Schedule

While the cold winds of February continue to blow across most us, here's something to warm the scabbards of our hearts; the panel schedule for Howard Days in the WARM month of June in Texas!

Rest assured that all of the usual activities remain in place for The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom - we'll be posting a complete list soon. In the meantime, get your engines warmed up to come on down to Howard Days to enjoy a really good panel schedule this year. Make your plans now and we'll see you then!

REH Days 2015 Panel Schedule

FRIDAY June 12
11 am: Conan Vs. Cthulhu. Join us for an enlightening discussion of Howard’s writing in the Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraft’s writing in the Howard Mythos. Panelists: Mark Finn and Jeff Shanks. At the Cross Plains Library.

1:30 pm: The Mark Schultz Hour. Our artist/writer Guest of Honor talks about his great career in an interview-style setting. At the Cross Plains Library.

2:30 pm: The Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards. Find out who won the REHF Awards for 2014, presented by Rusty Burke, Bill Cavalier and a cast of dozens. At the Cross Plains Library. This is a 30 minute panel.

9:00 pm: Fists at the Ice House. A perennial favorite is back! Presented on the very spot where REH actually boxed, come celebrate the completion of the four-volume Boxing series from the REHF Press. Presented on site behind the Texas Taxidermy building on Main Street by Mark Finn, Chris Gruber, Jeff Shanks and Patrice Louinet.


10:30 am: A Means to Freedom. The two-volume set of the letters between Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft are discussed. Panelists include Rusty Burke, one of the editors. At the Cross Plains Library.

1:30 pm: Robert E. Howard and Fantasy Gaming. 2015 will be THE year of REH and fantasy gaming with a new Conan board game AND a Conan role-playing game both coming out! We’ll also discuss Howard’s influence on the creation of fantasy role-playing games. There’ll be a bunch of panelists on this one: Patrice Louinet, Tim Brown, Jeff Shanks, Mark Finn, Mark Schultz - all refereed by Bill Cavalier. At the Cross Plains Library.


The 2:30 "What's Up with REH?" panel has been scratched so that we may bring you an Interview with Brad and Jeff Howard, great grandsons of Dr. Howard's brother, David Terrell Howard! Well known Howard scholar and detective Patrice Louinet will be talking with Jeff and Brad about their fascinating family history. More surprises will ensue from this panel, so be sure to be there. At the Library.

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