Monday, May 12, 2014

Featured Attendee - JEFFREY SHANKS

Jeffrey Shanks is an archaeologist, historian, and scholar of the pulp magazines and early comic books and he currently serves as co-chair of the Pulp Studies area for the Popular Culture Association. Jeffrey has contributed articles on Howard to a number of periodicals including REH: Two-Gun Raconteur, The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies, and Foreign Comic Collector Magazine.

He has also written or co-written chapters on Howard for several academic volumes including Critical Insights: Pulp Fiction of the 1920s and 30s and Undead in the West II (with Mark Finn). His chapter "Hyborian Age Archaeology" in Conan Meets the Academy won the 2013 Robert E. Howard Foundation Award for Best Article.

His most project was editing Zombies from the Pulps! -- an anthology of classic zombie stories including "Pigeons from Hell." He is currently co-editing a collection of academic essays entitled Weird Tales: The Unique Magazine and the Evolution of Modern Fantasy and Horror that will be published next year as a part of S. T. Joshi's Studies in Supernatural Literature series from Scarecrow Press. You can follow him at his blog, An Age Undreamed Of.

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    Where do you think the Ark of the Covenant is hidden?

    A truly wise person would never disclose the Arks location as finding it would unleash war on Earth for control of it. A wise human would know to place it deep underground closing all passages to it off. An even wiser human however would make certain that it was never found by melting it down and making coins out of it. Just keeping the Ark present for all times on Earth but no one ever being able to find it except that it was in your hands the entire time.

    I would think that the Ark would be melted down and made into coins. Why would God need such a tribute? Why would God keep such precious metal's from the hands of humans? I would have to think that the Ark could be found in the coins of the world based on the alloy content of a certain time periods coins. For example the wings of the angels on top of the Ark form scalene triangles. The base of the Triangle, the shorter of the three sides would determine the time and the amount of gold present in coins and possibly other objects. As the triangle comes to a tip at the end of the wings the time and amount of gold used from the Ark in objects would diminish and cease. For example each feather on the wings would determine a time block of lets say 15 years from year Zero. During that 15 year time span the amount of gold from the Ark is reduced in objects compared to other metals used. I take that back, coins probably wouldn't be used as they would become lost in history by falling to the ground and being melted down by a victorious army. The gold of the Ark of the Covenant would possibly be contained in objects that were stored and kept under guard so that the Ark it self would be spread across the globe, secretly and would never diminish.